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write down my plan today with a sacred heart for the beginning
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"It was the worst."
 "There is no luck, it is not like this!"
 "Trouble, my sister goes to bed."
 Even though it was in a hysterical condition just before the sowing crying, the toddler went to bed unexpectedly and put a dew on his chest. I'm not a kid like that.
 "If you go two years, go out and leave only one bread!"
 "Do you think that you ate your own pizza and chicken pie in the daytime?
 Suljong, who hesitated for a moment, laid down his eyes while avoiding his gaze.
 ".....Good night."
 When the door closed, the sound was heard from the other side of the door. He walked in the hallway laughing gently.
 "Who are you?"
 An internal chief who walked from behind talked to her. He looked around and laughed.
 "Sir, it must have been hard today, and I can not even have dinner."
 Kyung-jin lifted his wrist and checked the watch. Forty - nine at nine. Dinner is a little late. However, it was hard for the first year residents to eat rice all the time.
 "Are you leaving?"
 "Well, I'll go this way, Sul, I'll buy some bread, Sam, I'll see you tomorrow."
 He walked along the long corridor towards the parking lot. He looked at his back and muttered.
 "I am sexy, even if I am alone, I do not know what a man moans when I have sex.
 It was a small voice that nobody could hear, but if someone heard it, they would have never believed in a word that came from the mouth of such a graceful woman.
 "Rebellion! You are the light of my life!"
 He threw the bag of bread he had bought at the stall, and Suljong was overwhelmed.
 "Have you ever bought soblo bread?"
 "No, it was just cream bread."
 "Oh, I'm really sick today!"
 He wanted to buy Sobong's favorite soy sauce bread, but it was late and he did not sell it. Suljong was satisfied with the creamy bread, and when she tried to peel the vinyl off, her pager sounded.
 "I will definitely step you to the very end, the emergency room."
 "Do you want me to go instead?"
 "Ok, instead, you keep my bread and nobody eating."
 "All right."
 Sul - jong grumbled and walked down the corridor of the office, and someone walked in front of me. I realized that the person was a cheerleader, and Suljong frowned.
 'I thought you were off work.'
 She slammed her head and pushed her forward. When Sŏng - jong got out of his back, his hand came out.
 "Share it on duty."
 He handed him two large shopping bags and he turned around. Sewon, who was looking at his back with a fuzzy face, flashed into the smell of a fried deep-fried dipping noodle.
 "New, fried shrimp! Sushi set! Hmm, what a job!"
 Sŏngjong ran to his office on the road as his feet rolled.
 "Half! New mission! Remove the bread and watch the sushi! If you eat one of the shark whiskers, you are dead!"
 "Oh, what is this?"
 Though he was surprised, Sŏng-jong, who had no time to explain, rushed to the emergency room. The hot saliva flowing from the palate filled the mouth. I swallowed the gums, but it was useless. Again, the saliva spontaneously flowed.
 "Come on! We've been eating King chocolate and Gatorade has become a human!"
 Sŏngjong had called my chief and my chief a dog, and called him Gatorade. But to be so pretty. Sŏngjong thought that he would seriously consider buying Gatorade's chocolate every day.

Chapter 2. Kangbuja.

 Early moning.
 The water was dripping off his head in a large towel, and his shoulders were soaked, but he did not care about his sirens and wrote down something in his diary. As soon as I get up early, I close my head and write down my plan today with a sacred heart for the beginning of the day.

 Today's plan
 one. I try to live with 비아그라 정품 the patient.
 second. I eat all three meals on time.
 Three. Coincidentally, and often with Cheetos.
 four. Ignore Gatorade as much as possible.
 Sŏngjong hugged his chest more than he expected with a hearty face. How good is life as planned?
 Then I suddenly come up with a diary last month. On the last day, she had a total of 16 patients with leukemia ward. Two newly admitted patients, four of whom died between them. She covered the diary with a gloomy heart.
 "I think I'm a jerk."

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